I Have An Orange County Warrant

Orange County Warrant
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Orange County Warrant

Did you get a notice of an Orange County warrant in the mail?  Have you been visited by the Police at your home?  There’s a good chance you have a warrant for your arrest.  I represent clients with all kinds of warrants in Orange County.   Call for a free consultation if you or someone you know has a warrant.

Orange County Warrant

A warrant is an order by the court to arrest or search a person or a place described in the warrant.   An arrest warrant or a bench warrant is a command by the court requesting you to be personally brought before it to answer up to charges filed against you.   In another sense, it is permission for law enforcement to arrest you and bring you to the court that issued the warrant and can include day and/or night execution by police, and a bail amount.

In Orange County, you may receive notice by mail of the existence of a warrant for your arrest.   This is not to be ignored, you must act immediately by calling our office so we can assist you in getting the warrant recalled, or removed.   This will eliminate the chances that you will be arrested unexpectedly as you go about your business and humiliated in front of loved ones, or the public.

What if You’re Not Sure Whether There’s an Orange County Warrant?

Call and we can check to see if you have a warrant.  Receiving notice of the warrant is not required; the court does this as a courtesy.   If you don’t receive notice of the warrant, you can still get arrested anyway.   If you suspect that you missed a court date, or were arrested and haven’t heard anything from the court or the DA, you should call me to let me check if you have an outstanding warrant.   We need to get started right away, so we can ensure your continued freedom.  Ignoring or delaying the inevitable can only hurt you.  Facing the issue is the only way to resolve the problem because its not going to go away.  We’ve handled hundreds of these matters, and in most instances, we can recall the warrant the next business day.

Also, we can quickly and easily arrange for 24 hour release from custody also if given the chance to speak or your family.   Don’t get arrested for an Orange County Warrant and don’t ignore the problem or put if off any longer.  We can’t help you if you don’t call.

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