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Daniel C. Grupenhagen started theOClawyer.com to represent people accused of criminal violations (including traffic violations) in and around Orange County, CA.


Mr. Grupenhagen started his career in criminal law as a prosecutor after law school from the University of Idaho.  After several jury trials and handling hundreds of cases, he switched to defending the accused in Southern California.


Time spent practicing criminal law in both the public and private sector has provided Mr. Grupenhagen with a firm understanding of the dynamics, bureaucracy and politics involved with the criminal justice system and has enabled him to establish relationships with judges, prosecutors, probation officers, police detectives and private investigators throughout all of Southern California.


In addition to having a strong network of relationships throughout the criminal law industry, Mr. Grupenhagen knows the value of maintaining an excellent reputation with his clients.  The referral from a satisfied client is the primary goal of his work.  He invests in his clients cases to gain their trust and secure their willingness to refer their friends and relatives when needed.


Experienced in all facets of the defense of a criminal case, Mr. Grupenhagen has concentrated on the practice of law close to home.  Therefore, he knowledgable of all the courts in Orange County.  His local knowledge and tireless representation provides his clients with excellent results.


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